As my Uncle Georg would say, …

When he found himself in a conversation lull, he would simply throw out a "So-o-o-o-o..." (with a melodic lilt) to get things going again. I have been a little busy in the last month and am about to break my blogging rule of not disclosing my health out to the world. The reason I feel compelled ...

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Thursday ,April 10, 2014 Behaviors and Patterns, Cancer, Challenge and Opportunity, Chronic Illness, Coping, Personal Stories comments closed

Celebrate International Women’s Day today

  Today is about honoring the amazing things women bring to the table of change.    

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Saturday ,March 8, 2014 Advocacy, Challenge and Opportunity, Community, Events, Social Support, Women comments closed

Blog Carnival at Partnership for Palliative Care: Why is sharing our health experiences necessary?

In the late 90’s, I began my graduate program at the same time I received my diagnosis of lupus nephritis. As both of these events collided, I discovered how my life and my health experience were tightly woven together. This simple understanding about the relationship between body and mind can quickly unravel when faced with ...

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There once was a woman who made a collage…

I was SO eager to get my old, beat up x-country skis on this year and tour the neighborhood this snowy weekend, but I chose to wait Thursday AND Friday for a phone call with my latest test results, Unfortunately, I lost my window of opportunity and the weather has changed. No, I didn’t get ...

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Sunday ,February 9, 2014 Books, Challenge and Opportunity, Chronic Illness, Community, Coping, Creativity, Health, Lupus, Stress Mgmt comments closed

2014 Spark

As I mentioned in my last post, here is what came out of my evening insight gathering:   I was unable to capture the 3D effect of the branches, gal w/deer and a few more. My hope in doing that was to try to make this project more than just color or pattern...I wanted movement and dimension. ...

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Sunday ,January 19, 2014 Challenge and Opportunity, Creativity, Lifestyle, MLWT, Personal Stories, Self-Care comments closed

And the secret word for the year is…

  Last year, I used my blog as my journal for new adventures in urban (or technically, suburban) homesteading. Beginning in December of 2012, I started getting more focused on my life here at home – crafting, gardening, health and wellness practice, cooking, relaxation and social fun.   Work in 2013, or the frustrations in establishing my work ...

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Saturday ,January 18, 2014 Challenge and Opportunity, Community, Friends, Healthy Living, Lifestyle, MLWT, Self-Care comments closed

Five-Minute Check In: T-Day

  The holidays are quickly approaching and I’m getting my “To-Do” list started. I anticipate the sheer size and level of expectations will, once again overwhelm me. Beginning with my meal prep for the feast next week, I’m realizing just how many different palates I need to consider. How much easier it was when we all ate ...

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Thursday ,November 21, 2013 Coping, Diagnosis, Health, Healthy Living, Lupus, Medical Support, Oregon, Self-Care, Stress Mgmt comments closed

Do you want the long or short version?

Life has a funny way of keeping us humble...or at least well-versed in apologizing for dropping the ball yet again.   I knew that my September was going to go from relaxing after a full summer of house projects straight into the chaos of being a health contractor. Workshops, classes and trainings...oh, my!   Although I love my work ...

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Wednesday ,October 30, 2013 Challenge and Opportunity, Chronic Illness, Coping, Holidays & Socials, Problem-focused, Self-Care, Strategies, Stress Mgmt comments closed

Finish Line

Ouch. Last summer, I nearly killed myself trying to keep my pond and goldfish alive. While enjoying a visit from gal pals for a Wine Tour in October, I realized just how much I had put my body through with the worst pain I had experienced in years. This week, it is back. Although I have taken ...

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Sunday ,August 18, 2013 Autoimmune Diseases & Syndromes, Behaviors and Patterns, Chronic Illness, Healthy Living, Lifestyle, Lupus, Nutrition and Gardening comments closed

Home Again

Ah, finished. Last summer, something was very wrong with my pond and I lost ten prized-size fish. I purged the pond all summer long last year. Then I housed the survivors in the garage in a kiddie pool from October to this July. I dug a trench to keep out the dirt and I hope that the ...

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Friday ,August 9, 2013 Chronic Illness, Health, Healthy Living, Homesteading, Lifestyle, Lupus, Problem-focused, Self-Care, Stress Mgmt comments closed