Broader Scope, but same message

It has been pretty clear that my life has gone through some changes both personally and professionally in the last few years. I’ve built, have gone through a huge blogging learning curve, and adjusted the focus on this blog from professional to more personal reflections...and back again. With my days being divided up between health program ...

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From Beyond~

It always amazes me how the older I get, the faster time flies. I have plenty of theories about that, but I will wait to delve into them...I need to settle in back here and find my footing before I go into any of my usual abstract tangents. Having this time away from writing has offered ...

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Friday ,September 25, 2015 MLWT, Personal Stories comments closed

Letting Go …revisited

  As one would expect, January seems the month of reflection and action for many of us. Unfortunately, for me, I tend to spend WAY too much time in the reflection stage.   The few posts I put up last year showed me the kind of year I lived. Things really became clear when it was time to ...

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Staying Falls Free®

We hear a lot lately about  falls prevention among the elderly. Did you know, however, that falling risks do not actually increase just because you hit 65 and older? For those of you in my shoes, so to speak, and are noticing changes in balance already in your fifties, prevention of injury needs to begin long ...

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Quick Fall Update

I fully accept that blogging isn’t easy for me. I spend much more time away from the computer these days, as my Twitter and Facebook activity (or more precisely, inactivity) can illustrate. I do plan on returning, however, and writing about the experiences I will be having as the health education workshops, Tai Chi & Qigong ...

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Exploded View

In my defense, I have thought about posting here...but have been a little distracted:       You know how the instructions to put things like furniture together are sometimes shown in, what is referred to as, an “exploded view”? Bits and pieces of the final product appearing to fly apart from some sort of big bang in the ...

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The subject of visibility is stuck in my brain these days. Over the past years, I’ve watched the emerging patient advocacy movement grow and individuals living with health challenges were finding empowerment in sharing the voice of their experiences and needs. The “Patient as consumer” or “Be your own best advocate” jargon is heard much ...

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As my Uncle Georg would say, …

When he found himself in a conversation lull, he would simply throw out a "So-o-o-o-o..." (with a melodic lilt) to get things going again. I have been a little busy in the last month and am about to break my blogging rule of not disclosing my health out to the world. The reason I feel compelled ...

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Thursday ,April 10, 2014 Behaviors and Patterns, Cancer, Challenge and Opportunity, Chronic Illness, Coping, Personal Stories comments closed

Celebrate International Women’s Day today

  Today is about honoring the amazing things women bring to the table of change.    

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Saturday ,March 8, 2014 Advocacy, Challenge and Opportunity, Community, Events, Social Support, Women comments closed

Blog Carnival at Partnership for Palliative Care: Why is sharing our health experiences necessary?

In the late 90’s, I began my graduate program at the same time I received my diagnosis of lupus nephritis. As both of these events collided, I discovered how my life and my health experience were tightly woven together. This simple understanding about the relationship between body and mind can quickly unravel when faced with ...

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Monday ,March 3, 2014 Advocacy, Chronic Illness, Coping, Emotion-focused, Events, Internet, Lupus, Networking, Problem-focused, Relationship-focused, Research, Self-Care, Stress Mgmt, Support Groups comments closed

What is Stress and How to Meditate
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