My Life Works Today! A Living, Learning and Lupus Network       2008-2011


MLWT Mission Statement:

To inspire individuals living with ‘invisible’ chronic illnesses by being a strong resource for supportive opportunities that reflect the wellness potential of each person and strengthens their well-being, within Oregon, SW Washington and beyond, focusing less on lupus and more on designing for themselves the lives they seek.


MLWT Project

My Life Works Today!  was a network  ‘hub’ coordinating information from local health resources, foundations, organizations, wellness practitioners and social service programs.  By utilizing a team approach, this project assisted individuals in finding the services and support they seek to live well with their lupus on their own terms.

We (collectively including me, MLWT partners and community collaborators) are still a connection point that gathers support information and options locally available here and explores what resources are still needed through our continued research and outreach efforts.  We focus on introducing individuals with the variety, strength, inspirational opportunities and amazing people to be found within our communities so that they have support that encompasses their entire lives – not just their illness.   Although we continue to reach out to specifically support those living with lupus, we recognize that living with illness shares many common experiences and MLWT  is open to anyone facing a chronic health challenge.

The MLWT community network project featured:

Resource referral services offered in collaboration with private, community-based non-profit organizations and foundations, statewide services and educational research institutions.

MLWT community events that offered educational presentations, discussion opportunities, health fairs and conferences, and workshops by local health and/or wellness professionals on a variety of topics.  These community events available to all individuals, and their families, living with chronic illnesses.

P O R T  (Patients Offering “Real” Time):  A patient-focused referral program linking individuals who share similar experiences, health challenges and personal goals. (This service was not meant to replace medically-based treatment or advice)

Community Wellness and Health Education opportunities, sponsored through community service collaborations or MLWT classes.  


Although the MLWT Community Project has wrapped up its initial intent to research the support needs of our local community, I still continue to offer these options to the Pacific NW community through my facilitation and doula work.  Let me know if you have any questions.


More about “We”:

MLWT Partners

Recognizing the opportunity to develop a stronger network by working together, some foundations and health organizations offer their resources, information, expertise and support by enlisting as MLWT partners. Classes, workshops, events, conferences and symposiums, support groups and so forth listed here are available to anyone visting the MLWT website. In return, I offer information about their support resources and websites free of charge. My Partners list continues to grow and is restricted to non-commercial, educational and governments organizations only.  Below is the current listing of the Pacific NW MLWT Partners:


Antiphospholipid Antibody Syndrome (APS) Foundation of America

Ankylosing Spondilitis

Oregon Arthritis Chapter of the Great NW Region

PNW Chapter of the LFA

Oregon Scleroderma Chapter


MLWT Collaborators and Guest Contributors

I have a great list of Guest Writers who offer their expertise, skills, services and recommendations. They come from all over the globe and are MLWT recommended resources to consider in chronic illness management. I continue to enlist a variety of sources to contribute to the MLWT website and do all I can to learn about the writers before they take part.  Their bios can be found here.

MLWT Contributors

As a means of supporting individuals to succeed in their over all wellness management, I offer information about and team up with various wellness resources offering educational workshops, retreats, health fairs and various events committed to designing unique self-care opportunities. By utilizing the abundance of information and talent already present here locally, I collect information about tools, products, services, resources, social groups and so forth to create a learning satellite community from which to draw inspiration.

I do participate in some affiliate programs, receive books for the MLWT Book Discussion Group on Shelfari and occasionally receive other products for me to consider a review.  I practice full disclosure on all items noted here on the website.  Contact me for any questions you may have regarding any of these.

I do not specifically endorse any person, service, program or product unless I offer my two cents in a reviewAs always, please remember that you are to be your own best advocate, are advised to communicate with your health provider regarding any changes you make in your life, and that all personal decisions about what is offered here on the website are yours alone to make.

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